Cahlim journal entry 2

It felt good to be out of the city and on the road again. The gnome Taewin; the deceptively manly elf, Theredith and myself had taken the first job on offer as between the slavers and my ‘old friends’ the city of Calimport was far from friendly. So, joined by my friend Buud, we set out to retrieve an artefact from an ancient city.

In hindsight we should, perhaps, have questioned the assurances of the man who hired us: He told us there would be no problems retrieving the orb, plenty of treasure for us to take and only rumours of ghosts to guard the ruins.

The road was uneventful and camped at the base of a mighty set of stairs that led up to the city proper. We decided to camp and slept through the night with no disturbances. Theredith informed us much later that she saw mystical blue lights dancing amongst the ruins on her watch but for some reason failed to tell the rest of us.
And so, well rested and looking forward to a quick looting of the treasure vaults, we set off into the city.

As we wandered through the streets, moving toward the large keep in the centre of the city, we were fallen upon by attackers: Skeletons moving with the uncanny stillness of death. To our dismay we found ourselves unprepared for a battle of this kind, our weapons barely hurting the creatures and only through a few lucky, some might say down right miraculous, hits did we over come the undead horrors. Alas, poor Buud, he fell to a skeletons blade and although we managed to stabilize his bleeding save him from death he had to head back to Calimsport after a night of care to get him fit for travel.

The rest of us pressed on and reached the keep only to find it looted and stripped of everything of value. Still my companions are nothing if not thorough and searched it from top to bottom finding a stairway that led down into the cliff below the building. We decided to rest for the night and press forward in the morning….

Cahlim journal entry 2

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