Entry Number Twooo

I thought since I started this journal I may have been a teeny bit abrupt in my beginnings. For one thing, I forgot to mention who I am and what I’m actually doing.

So so, to start things as I should have.

The name’s Arminas and I am fond of tall buildings.

I guess I would describe myself as a thief though I haven’t really stolen anything very large of value so maybe a petty thief?

I have spent around three years living in Calimsport with my family before I decided that it would be good to run away for a while. I’m not really sure how long for, but I guess enough to make them think about their actions. Though I really doubt that my mother will, her neurosis gets in the way of anything. I hardly believe she’s an elf most of the time.

Maybe she isn’t?

Maybe she is a half-orc who is AMAAAAAZING at disguises.
It would make sense as to why I’m so good at it..

Does that mean I’ll grow tall one day?

Entry Number Twooo

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