Entry Number Uno

We have just arrived at the amazing city of Sambar when lo behold we find out that the gnome has been hiding things. I kinda expected it all along considering her shifty behaviour when we asked her anything about her past. But this, this really tops the cake.

Apparently she is the sole survivor of her entire island. There must be a lot of deepset mental issues there, no doubt. She also seems to despise city people, and as a city person myself (I have actually lived in a city larger than Calimsport!) I took a lot of offense to it. Though I wouldn’t ever tell her myself.

Beloved Aliora has been a tad bit annoying as of late. Not that she really can be annoying. It’s more like she is maybe slightly less attractive than I thought. Maybe it has been because I have been neglecting her and hanging with Taewyn. It’s just, it’s very hard on a man to be near a woman who keeps denying his affections. I don’t know what she expects! Am I supposed to just continue on even when she makes me feel horrible? If that is the case then she may not be the girl I supposed she was. I thought she had a deep soul and would warm up to me when she realised I was actually more than just a petty thief.

If only she knew what treasures and what a life I could provide for her. That’s perhaps the one thing I miss about my family. Their wealth.

In any case, what with this new quest we’re going on and with the tensions rising between Aliora and Taewyn, I feel like our party may be headed towards a “rock falls everyone dies”.

Entry Number Uno

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