Lantan is a Gnomish island country west of the Sword Coast.

The gnomish culture in Lantan is quite relaxed – the government is not particularly involved, and tends to be fairly informal. The country is governed by a council in Sambar consisting of members elected from the various guilds, and advised by one of the high clerics of Gond. This council doesn’t so much rule the rest of Lantan as provide assistance as needed in a common-sense kind of way – they are realistic about the needs of the other cities and settlements, and tend to be generous and altruistic. People who are seen as wasting time, however, are likely to get short shrift from those in power, and it can be difficult, particularly for foreigners, to be heard.

The capital of Lantan is Sambar, and other notable cities include Illul, the Holy City of Gond, Lethtar, which is where most of the Lantanese shipwrights are located, and Anchoril, where large gem deposits are mined.

There are three main islands in Lantan: Lantan proper, in the north, Suj in the south, and small Orlil in the east.

Much of Lantan is covered in dense jungle and old volcanic mountains. The mountains no longer erupt, but the island remains warm, allowing such a tropical environment so far of the equator.

Suj is more rural than Lantan proper, with large areas being devoted to agriculture and timber production, as well as containing the mining town of Anchoril. Baetrah in the south is seperated from the rest of Lantan by a massive swamp, and is a frequent hideout of pirates.


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