Seaorin journal entry one

Day 142 since the betrayal 19:00
We’ve finally arrived in Calimport. It was a long and arduous journey, Aliora was not used to sea travel. The people here seemed friendly, but I cannot be too cautious, I already know. The order has many spies with many eyes.

I know Aliora is feeling uncomfortable, she won’t speak with me, she still doesn’t trust me. She does not like the people here. In Damara it would be hard to see so many dark-skinned people. And even if there were any, they would be treated with distrust. I suppose being from such a country she cannot help the prejudice. I am distrustful also but for reasons aforementioned.

As we got off the so-called ship, though I would liken it more to a barge, we were approached by a man in a hood. I immediately drew my weapon, though it was unlikely that he had any connection to the order. I was correct in that thought at least, all he offered was shelter for Aliora and I. Having no where to go and a limited amount of money, I could not help but agree.

He has since spoken of a quest or a journey that I could take in return for a guarantee on Aliora’s future. If this is true, she may have some chance at having a normal life, with an apprenticeship and perhaps marriage to a lesser noble. Despite everything, she is still noble born, her mother was the wife of a lord, albeit the lord had already passed on by the time Aliora was born. If it means that she can be comfortable, I would be willing to go to any lengths.

Seaorin journal entry one

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