Seaorin journal entry two

Week 3 since my departure 21:00
I have arrived in Faerunn once more.
I never thought I would be back here and from the looks I got from my assassins, neither did they.
I have already slain five men and I expect many more will soon come looking for them. I did not expect them to be there the moment of my arrival. It was unexpected.

I am on the run once more, I should have anticipated this. They may have initially wanted Aliora dead but now, now they are out for my blood. It makes me sad to think of all the days full of violence I have ahead of me. Is this justice? Killing the men who seek to kill me? Are they not just following orders? Do they not think it is just themselves?

I do not know how many are corrupt, how many actually know the truth. And I never seem to have time, time enough to determine their allegiance. I only pray to Tyr in the hope that I am not foolishly surviving. That I am not killing people that are good at heart.

I must hide. I must hide better and run faster.

Seaorin journal entry two

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