Cahlim journal entry 1

I had just arrived back in Calamsport for the first time since I fled the city with certain members of the underground snapping at my heals.
I had been working as a caravan guard, learning a new set of skills to keep food in my belly and my head attached, and thanks to a last minute change of plans the caravan I had signed on with had to divert to the capital. Within hours of my arrival I was being tailed, presumably with someone who knew of previous history and all the tricks I tried to loose my hunter failed.

If I did not find Buud, a fellow caravan guard and my only friend in the city, I would soon find myself gutted in an alley. If I was lucky.
I picked up my pace as I came up to the gates to the docks and, out of habit and paranoia, quickly scanned the space on the other side. Thanks be that I did for I am sure it saved my life that night.

I saw a pair of slavers in a fairly one sided stand off with a handsome elf and a gnome who looked to have attempted to hide in a small boat of supplies. Seizing this opportunity to garner some allies I called out to the slavers and threatened them with the might of the caravan guilds, something they were not to know I had no way of calling on, and the grudgingly left the odd pair to me.
I spared no time in convincing the two ex-slaves to accompany me to a local drinking establishment. As I had hoped, with two unknown quantities in my company my hunters stayed hidden and only watched.

I count myself especially fortunate to find myself in the company of such a handsome elvish man and the gnome, while a little strange, seems to be fairly personable.

Cahlim journal entry 1

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